I recently rushed into something without sleeping on it and it ended up costing me $100.

As we are not rich, I was feeling badly about this.  My husband is very forgiving and never complains when each of us takes our turn at making mistakes, however I could not shake this saddness.

It really does pay to talk to people ( friends) when you are struggling with something. I am quite close to many of my students as they have watched me grow over the years and it is hard for me to hide my emotions. They all know me so well so I decided to share my story with Laura after class and she completely put my mind at ease.

“Beth you have to look at the money you spent as tuition!. You learned something from the experience and will never do it again.”

Wow, I was so blown away by this statement and I instantly felt better. I spend money every year on staying certified by taking courses and exams and with a simply change in thinking, I can judge what happened to me as a huge lesson learned.

I need to listen to my gut instinct at all times.  I should have gone home and thought long and hard about the purchase before I jumped in.  I normally collect information and then study my options.  Unfortunately I felt a bit pressured to buy, not necessarily by the seller but because we have a bit of a relationship, I felt I needed to lend my support. Once I got home and researched the product, I instantly knew it was not for me.

Lesson learned.

Have a great day everyone!