Beth Oldfield

PhD student, Chiara Giocosa, from Concordia University, has released a study confirming that dancing is great for our brains. You can find this article from CTV Montreal News at the link below.

Those of us who dance already know that it’s great for improving our balance, coordination, memory and reaction time but this study actually implies that the brains of dancers have more “connections between brain regioins.” Because we use more parts of our body than say a musician, the idea is that more regions in the brain are positively affected.

The hope is that one day experts will be able to use dance to help people improve their brain health. Les Grand Ballets Canadiens plan to open the “first dance therapy centre in the world” in the near future.

Personally, I have witnessed an amazing transformation in one of my line dance classes and this student believes it is primarily a result of dance. She was involved in a serious car accident that resulted in leg and hip injuries. Though she started slowly, she now participates in my level two dance class and the smile on her face each day makes everything that I do worthwhile!

if you have not tried a dance class, line dancing is a great place to start!

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