This week I have been struggling with physical pain. I have developed arthritis and let me tell you, I now realize how hard it has been for many of you to get to my classes over the years.

Pain has a way of nailing us down and making us think.

When we cannot rush about our day, we suddenly have time to evaluate and consider what is going on in our lives. We realize how fragile life is and we are forced to be thankful for the simple things like being able to walk pain free.

I wrote a blog in the spring about the various diseases and ailments that come into our lives and how it is so important not to let them take over our lives.  I have always tried to see the positive side of the problems that I personally face. I have become a far more compassionate person because of the pain and the struggle.

When we feel invincible, it is easy to get cocky. It is easy to expect others to keep up to our pace.

When we are forced to face the imperfections and cracks in our ‘perfect’ image of ourselves, we can react one of two ways; run away or stand and face the facts. If we are lucky enough to do the later, we see that these cracks let the light in and in that light, there is opportunity for growth.

I have discovered courage while basking in this light. I am lucky.

Have a wonderful day everyone.