I am so impressed with all of my students who have these little gadgets on their wrists or hips, that count their steps. Some of you are in teams as you try to beat others everyday and some of you are just working at it solo.  In either case, I want you to know how very proud I am of your efforts and how fascinated I am when you come up to tell me how many steps my workout gives you!

I have heard rumours that my 25 minute aerobic class measures out at over 3000 steps and my hour long line dance clocks in at over 5000 steps.  I just love watching you all compare your numbers and get excited about the amount that you are moving in a day.

February is a hard month to get through in Montreal.  We have just come out of a deep freeze and now we are expecting 10 cm of snow and then freezing rain. Please note that I know how hard it is for you to get yourself to class.  I was amazed that I had as many students as I had in class yesterday when the temperature was -25′. 18 people made it out to my Stability Ball class at nine am. Some arriving late as the car would not start.  Then we were 38 in aerobics and 36 in Yoga/Stretch.  Bravo!!!

You all keep me motivated to get myself out on these cold mornings. If you can make it there, so can I. Without you, I would be quite lonely.

Have a wonderful day..and keep counting and telling me your success stories.  I love hearing them.