This photo is of one of my students. She gave it to me in 2010. She wishes to remain anonymous. I keep this on my writing desk to remind myself that anything is possible. When I asked her yesterday if I could use it, she giggled and agreed.  She was very proud of what she did as the younger people on this trip were too afraid to even try.

Could you do this? I realize that you may not want to do this ha, ha, but could you imagine doing this?

If you are saying “no way, my back is too bad or my knees are too bad or I have no balance”, than think about this. The woman in this photo is 70 and had had a hip replacement years prior.

Do not limit yourself.

If you are under the age of 70 and already acting like you imagine a 70 year old would act.  You need to change your attitude and realize that the only one stopping you from being great is YOU.

You do not need to climb on the back of a horse and stand up but address the issues that are limiting your behaviour. 

You will be, what you believe.

Lets start believing that you are someone great, capable of being fit and healthy.

Have a great day.