I have a front row seat to watching my students achieve their fitness goals and even when they themselves feel like there is no progress, I see small increments of success. The real joy of doing what I do happens when my students can finally perform at their best and they realize how far that they have come. I love this moment!

The key however is consistency.

I am never popular when I have this conversation with people. So be warned,  I am going to speak some hard truths.

There is no excuse that is good enough to miss your workout unless you are ill in some way. A healthy mind and body keeps us young and able to handle life’s challenges.

When a client tells me that they are too busy to exercise, I want to scream.

We are all busy. A workout does not have to be an hour. Exercising 15-30 minutes each day, is better than missing out completely because every time you chose to skip your workout, you move the finish line to achieving your fitness goals further away.

I used to be that busy parent, working two or three jobs, driving between soccer fields and tournaments. Take a few minutes on your lunch break to walk and stretch. If you are shuttling kids around to games, walk around the field/park once you get there and then stretch. Heck, you could even do some sit-ups and/push-ups under a tree in the shade. The point is, do something. Others might join you!

Yes, there are lots of chores to pull us away from classes but I guarantee you that you will have more energy for your job when you have worked out first. Get up fifteen minutes earlier or take fifteen minutes before bed to be formally active in some way. Pick up a copy of my book and get busy! https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07B3LD7QB

I honestly believe people when they tell me that they want to lose weight, be stronger and more flexible. Some of my clients hurt their chances for success by putting their personal fitness last on their to do list!

If you fit this profile of being too busy to formally exercise, let me ask you one question. “Do you have time to be frail or injured because of weak, imbalanced muscles and lack of flexibility?”  Eventually the choice will be made one way or the other and I prefer to stack the odds in my favour and you should too!

You see we choose our fate by choosing wisely.

Take a few minutes today to get started on your journey to being the best that you can be. Everything else can wait.

See you soon,