One of my students came up to me yesterday to congratulate me.  I looked at her rather perplexed. “You have hit 6000 page views on your blog!”  I laughed because this does not feel like a personal achievement compared to all of the hours I spend prepping and teaching every week.

I started this blog for two reasons.  I want to be able to communicate easily with my students, friends and family about all things related to living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. I also need to show potential publishers that I have an audience for the book I am writing on fitness.  Apparently, in today’s world, publishers do not take you seriously unless you have a digital footprint.

I am not the worlds leading expert.. I do however have 17 years of experience working in the fitness industry. I have been on the ground, sweating side by side with my clients. I know what works for the majority of students who arrive with various physical limitations.  I attend conferences and see all of the latest gadgets and gizmo’s and trends. I evaluate them based on my clientele and very few of them get a passing grade and make it into my classes.  I have no desire to be the most popular teacher, teaching the hottest, latest type of class at the club. My mission is to focus on keeping my clients safe and fit. I have seen too many clients get injured attending crazy concept classes.  I prefer to be the safe harbour for those who simply want to keep their bodies in shape, so that they can continue do the sports and activities that they love.

Thank you to everyone who tunes in daily to read my humble words of wisdom. Your support is very much appreciated!

Have a wonderful weekend.
See you Monday.