Beth Oldfield

This is our last week of classes before we break for the holidays and I want to say how proud I am of each of you and your progress thus far. You make my job easy and enjoyable and I thank you for your continued support and kindness. Some of you have left for the winter. I will miss you and I hope that you check into the blog regularly so that we can keep in touch.

My schedule for the winter session will remain the same except for one small change. I will no longer be teaching Ball at 9 am on Monday morning.  All of my other classes will continue in January. If you have not received an email regarding my private classes, contact me and I will make certain that you are on my mailing list.

This is the best week for me because very little ‘teaching’ is needed. Instead I get to workout along side of you! You now know all of the cardio routines and exercises, so focus on your posture and use all of your power to reap the rewards of a great fitness session. It will be a long Christmas break so lets work hard and enjoy!

See you soon,