Congratulations to all of my students who have completed their first month of programming!

I can see that all of you are feeling stronger and more confident.  I have identified the areas that need improving and next month we will be building on the skills that you have learned.

Remember that you should always feel like your trainer is helping you to improve.  We are there for your benefit.

While I have seen a vast improvement in your conditioning, I have also noticed resistance to certain types of exercises, be it balance , flexibility or strength related. Please know that those are the areas that I like to focus on because they usually tell me volumes about who you are and what you actually need!

Most often a client demonstrates resistance to an exercise because they have had a bad experience at some point in their fitness journey.  When I hear, “I hate to do sit-ups or I hate yoga,” I do my best to figure out why and then try to reintroduce the element back in your regime.

Sometimes a certain class may have caused us discomfort and if we never go back, then we are left with a bad feeling.  I always tell my students to give a class and a teacher three chances.  Perhaps you were a bit off of your game that first time or maybe the teacher was having a less than perfect day.  Always express your concerns to the teacher and see if together you can fix any problems that are arising.

We are naturally drawn to being comfortable, but growth only happens when we step out of our comfort zone.

So congratulations to my students for sticking with their program this month.

See you Monday.