As I have mentioned before I love to read about different faith systems and I love to incorporate pieces of wisdom that I encounter into my own way of life.

On Facebook there was a video clip circulating of the Dali Lama speaking at the Glastonbury Festival’s Pyramid Stage in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK on June 28, 2015. I am sure that you can find the clip if you search the Internet or Youtube. It is quite cute.

He is about to turn 80 years old on July 6th.  The group had organized for the Dali Lama to say a few words and blow out some candles on his birthday cake.

I have seen the Dali Lama speak in person at an event in Ottawa.  His story is fascinating and worth learning about.  When I was at that event many years ago, you could have heard a pin drop in the arena that held over 30,000 people.  People just want to hear what this man has to say. There was no band. No music. Just a man and a sofa chair and his voice. Amazing evening.

He is full of laughter and joy and he makes me smile.

While on stage addressing the fact that his birthday was upcoming, he said, and I am paraphrasing, that the secret to true happiness is having concern for others.

He says that his day is completely focused on the well being of others. Imagine how this could change the world if we all stopped chasing material things to find happiness and looked toward each other instead.

If all of us were centrally focused on taking care of each other the world really would be a better place.  Think of the way we walk through our day, rushing, cutting each other off in traffic. Walking through doors without looking behind us to see if we could hold it for the next person. Ignoring humanitarian issues all over the globe.

To live the way the Dali Lama lives would be too much for most of us, however we can try to be more mindful about the way in which we move through our space.

 I guess I am lucky as I get to serve and teach my students everyday and being so centrally focused on their well being has given me such happiness that it bubbles over into everything I do.  I used to have a filing job in a company after I spent three hours teaching in the morning.  I would arrive there everyday full of joy and smiles only to be amazed by how down and depressed everyone else around me seemed to be feeling about their jobs.  I actually had to downplay my joy in order to fit in.  I hated that!!!

I see first hand how focusing on others brings true joy.

Try it. It may change your life.

Have a great weekend everyone.