I invited one of my personal training clients into one of my fitness classes this week.  She was going to be working out on her own anyway, so I thought she might benefit from seeing what we do as a group.

I sometimes forget how powerful this experience can be for some people.  She spoke to me after the class and mentioned that she found the class quite challenging and when I listed off the ages of some of the people in the class, she was shocked.  The students were either one year older than her, or twelve years older and they are extremely fit.

She now realizes that she has been staying in her comfort zone, to her own detriment.  She looks fabulous, do not get me wrong but she herself sees that she needs to take her workouts more seriously, as she had a hard time doing many of the exercises.  This month, in this particular class, we are focusing on balance and core strength, as I prepare my students for the arrival of icy winter conditions.

Be honest with yourself.

Are your workouts keeping you from exploring new challenges? Has the workout regime become too easy or too routine?

It is easy to slip into a comfort zone and fool yourself into thinking that you are in shape,when in reality you have stopped progressing and improving.

While I tell my clients to always listen to their own bodies and not judge themselves based on the performance of others, I need to add that it is also good to measure our fitness level once in a while.

I have clients in their eighties that are fitter than some of my forty year old students.

Visit a class. See what others are doing and see how you measure up compared to others your age.  This is a very valuable lesson.

Have fun doing this!!!