We all need help at times and the key is to invest in those friendships that offer us support. The photo above contains the feet of my family, after the long weekend in May. I’m lucky that I have a supportive network of brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, along with a wonderful husband and three kids.

Family can offer great support but sometimes we need to be with people our own age, who are going through similar experiences.

Last Spring, I joined two different women’s circles and I’m happy to say that we have resumed our meetings after the long summer break. I now realize just how valuable it is to meet regularly with like minded people.

In one of the circles we give each other the space to speak from the heart in a safe setting. No comments are given. We simply take our turn to speak whatever is on our mind at the time. The best part of this circle, aside from the talking, is the listening aspect. You learn to truly listen to what everyone is saying. In discussions, we often spend our time planning our response, instead of actually hearing what the person is saying. In this group, we offer no feedback other than the touch of a hand or a smile. It’s amazing how much you can learn about yourself by simply listening!

The other circle is an art group. We begin with a meditation and then we sit together in silence (usually) while music plays and we create for two hours. Then we share our creation and discuss. Again you learn so much about yourself when you have the time to be still and create.

I often tell clients that we must make the time for self care. Fitness will not happen on its own. You have to be intentional in your planning. I now see that our circles of support need the same type of commitment.

Invest time in caring for the people who support you in your life and if you happen to be alone, seek out circles of friends. You can also start a group on your own.

See you soon,