Yesterday I told you how hard it can be to socialize when you suffer from food allergies. Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite places to eat, Chef Veganessa located at 275 Elm, in Beaconsfield, Quebec.

The best thing about Veganessa’s is I can run in and quickly get something to go that is healthy and safe for me to eat. While you can get something out of the case that has just been prepared and sit in the restaurant or outside to enjoy the specials of the day, it is primarily a catering service. Once you subscribe to the website you will get a weekly menu and you can order your meals for the week and then pick them up at the designated time. Every meal I have ever purchased has been enough for two meals. I can usually get dinner and then small lunch for the next day. 

I have spent quite a bit of money and time trying to cook speciality ingredients on my own and let me tell you I have thrown out a lot of food.  Vanessa knows how to make things taste amazing and she knows how to make things look good enough to eat.  That may sound funny but it is a real skill to make vegan food appetizing enough that non-vegans want to eat it.  I am just being honest.  My husband has loved all of the dishes that I have brought home.

I am so happy to have found this treasure in Beaconsfield as it is close to where I work and on my way home. When I get cravings for food that is not good for me, I drive right over there and get some clean, healthy, organic, flavorful food and in no time at all the cravings are satisfied.

Thanks Vanessa!

Give Chef Veganessa a try.