As many of you know, I live in the country surrounded by trees. In April I posted a video on Youtube of the sight and sound of the stream in my backyard.  Above is a picture of our lovely little river this past Saturday. Below you can see the snow that blew in momentarily yesterday morning!

Change is hard but it can also be refreshing. Autumn is my favorite time of year, not just for the colours but for the promise of new life that comes with the death of summer. This sounds so dramatic but I am hopeful when this season arrives because it brings with it a freshness and a newness that is exciting and full of hope.

We might secretly dream that our lives would never change or that it would be summer all of the time but each moment in our lives contains both good and bad elements and it is only when we are snapped out of routine by the weather or serious life events that we feel fully alive.  We want our lives to be constantly moving. We are fortunate that each new day offers opportunities to improve ourselves and our situations.

It is election day in Canada. I work with many young people who feel disillusioned and insignificant.  We need to remember that we can make a change in our situations in many ways.  We are not powerless. We can positively affect our lives and our society through our voice and our actions.

Embrace change!

Have a great day everyone,