If you are looking to join a gym that offers classes, don’t go for the cheapest fitness facility. Instead look for a business that guarantees that their staff are highly qualified and certified. Each professional certification demands that the instructor keep learning in order to re-certify each year. You are putting your health in the hands of strangers and you want to know that they are going to deliver safe programming.

I’m in the business of certifying quality instructors with canfitpro.  I believe that gyms should only hire qualified fitness professionals to lead people through the safest and most effective exercise experience! All too often I hear of teachers just ‘winging’ it by teaching something that is not their discipline.

It is very tempting as an instructor to avoid the costs associated with proper education and membership fees and even insurance coverage, and just pretend to be able to teach yoga, weight lifting, Zumba, or Essentrics for example. Just because you as a teacher got certified to deliver one type of fitness class, does not then mean that you can just use your own ‘smarts’ to fake teach another type of course. If this becomes the norm than where will we be years from now?

Potential customers want the least expensive, best fitness experience that they can find but the hard truth is, education is expensive and qualified staff need to be paid well to offset the cost of maintaining their credentials. We need to be responsible consumers and demand only the best or teachers will stop spending the money necessary to keep up to date and then the health and safety of clients is put at risk.

My advice: if your gym is super cheap, just make sure that the people training you are actually qualified and up to date in their certifications! Ask your trainer questions about their credentials. Your health is in their hands you should demand only the best!

See you soon,