I’m certain that founder Miranda Esmonde-White would say, “yes!”

In her most recent book, Forever Painless, Miranda explains that Essentrics can help relieve the pain associated with arthritis because “it strengthens the muscles in a lengthened position, literally pulling the joints apart” (Esmonde-White, 2016, p. 233).  It is this separating of the joints that provides pain relief because the bones stop grinding upon one another. While regular passive stretching can provide some relief, what is really needed is the strengthening of the muscles in the lengthened position so that they can properly support the joint and keep it decompressed.

There are many different forms of Arthritis and each individual suffers to differing degrees. I have several students who tell me that they must keep exercising or their joints stiffen up completely. Whenever they are in a flare up, they have been told by their doctor to avoid pushing through pain. I have always told my students to stop immediately if they feel intense pain. Your body is speaking to you and you must listen. Some days are better than others so if you are in this situation move gently and be kind to yourself.

In Essentrics we move slowly compared to other workouts and we move through the whole muscle chain in order to work in a balanced fashion. This ‘slowness’ is perfect for allowing each individual the opportunity to gauge the suitability of the exercise for them specifically, on any given day. What worked for you last week may be too hard today but that does not mean that you need to give up entirely.

I have been getting wonderful feedback from the students in my Essentrics classes. One lady confessed to me this week that she no longer wants to go to her yoga class. She just wants to do Essentrics all of the time. I am starting to feel the same way. I absolutely love teaching this technique. Even though I only started doing this workout last October, my body craves the sensation of feeling totally stretched and strong at the same time. I walk away from my mat feeling completely energized. It is a wonderful feeling.

See you soon,