I get asked this question all of the time by frustrated clients who honestly do not understand how they gained those annoying extra pounds.

“Tiny changes, over time, make a huge difference. Gradual, steady change–plus time–is the key.” (Crowley & Sacheck, 2012, p.126).

In their book, “Thinner This Year,” Chris Crowley and Jen Sacheck, explain how it is usually tiny dietary changes that result in those extra pounds. Chris and Jen use the following example to help us understand what can happen. Let’s assume that you were in perfect shape and that you were at your ideal weight when you were in your twenties. Yes, you ate well but you also burned each calorie that you consummed. You were in balance. Now lets assume that you add just 10 calories a day to your diet but do not workout more to burn them off. It does not seem significant but that small change will result in one pound of weight gain in a year. If you keep doing this for ten years, you will have gained ten pounds. If you keep doing this for another ten years, you will have gained twenty pounds. So now you are in your forties and you have gained twenty pounds and you have no idea how this happened because the tiny change in your diet seemed insignificant.

The problem is that our metabolism slows down as we age, so if we are not careful with our food choices then that innocent looking cookie or that small bag of chips or that extra glass of wine, will add up.

The good news is that it works in the reverse as well. If we exercise everyday and eat less, we will lose those pounds. I am not saying that it’s easy but I have seen it happen time and time again.

The problem is most people want to lose the weight so fast that they get discouraged when it takes time. I have to remind them that they did not put on the twenty pounds overnight and they cannot expect to lose it in a week or a month.

You must be very honest with yourself. Look at the calories that you are drinking and eating. If you want to make a change, you know what you have to do. Change how you are eating and move more, Get your butt off that chair and into a class. Being with other people can motivate us to stay on track.

Hope this helps.

See you soon,