Every week for the last month I have had one or two students approach me after Yoga or Essentrics, to ask me about my custom made toe spacer. We don’t wear shoes in these classes so people are curious. It is pink and rather obvious and I am very willing to share my bunion woes with fellow sufferers because not all of us are interested in surgery. In my case, I cannot afford to take months off from my job, nor would I want to abandon my classes for that long!

I researched other options and found Francois Blondin, an Orthotist who suggested orthotics; a night splint and this spacer. He also told me that surgery should be my last option because in all honesty, my foot might not perform the same after the operation. As I love to dance, I’m not willing to take that chance. I simply wanted to be pain free and all of his suggestions worked for me. Many ladies just want to be able to wear pretty shoes again but vanity is not my issue. High heels helped to cause this problem and I have no desire to wear them again. Surgery will remove the bunion so your foot is not so wide at the toes. Every person must make their own choice. I am writing this post to have all of the info in one place.

Here are pictures of the spacer and the splint.


This spacer is different than the ones that you can buy in the drugstore because it fits under your toes not just between them and as such doesn’t fall out. Anyone who has worn the little clear ones will know what I am talking about. They are sticky and nasty and fall out often.

I tried using the cheap splints from the drugstore and they were so poorly made that they were uncomfortable so I gave up and decided to order one from Francois. I wore this for 6 to 8 months without fail. Eventually my toe re-positioned itself and I am no longer in pain. My foot used to lock up because the bones were being pushed out of alignment but the orthotics gave my foot the support it needed and the spacer and splint took care of the rest. I could probably stop wearing the spacer too but it has become a part of my ‘take care of me’ kit and I feel naked without it.

Here is the name and location of Francois. He has a clinic in Beaconsfield, Quebec as well but you can reach him at this number. Fyi, I don’t get anything for referring Francois. I do it because he helped me and and he can help you too!

Good luck! And take care of your feet. My only regret is that I did not go sooner to get my foot fixed as I almost gave up my career because of the pain. Your feet are so important. They hold you up after all!

Take care and see you soon,