One of the greatest joys of my life is teaching fitness. It is so rewarding to watch clients walk into class for the first time in September and see them improve over the year. I try very hard to create a comfortable environment for everyone so that learning is both easy and fun. 

It can come as quite a surprise to some of my students when they arrive at some of my classes and find that class is too full for them to be able to stay. There are limits to how much equipment I have to use and how many people can safely and effectively exercise in one space.

I am therefore not only a teacher but the gatekeeper for everyone’s experience. I ask my students to give themselves enough time to get into class and set up their equipment before I begin the activity.

I know that occasionally we are late. If the door has not been locked, that usually means that there is enough room for you to safely enter and join us, however if the door is locked, it means that the room has reached its capacity. In this case, it means that even if you did enter, you would not have all of the equipment that you need, or that there is physically not enough space for you to be safe during your workout.

It is my job to make sure that the class is enjoyable for everyone attending. It is also my job to keep you safe. Please do not take it personally if I cannot let you in due to you running late. You can always use that time for yourself, in some other way. Go to the gym and use the treadmill or go for a walk,  The world thinks that you are busy for that hour, so treat yourself to something special and turn the frown upside down!

My wish is that every student who wants to be in my class, arrives safely and that we can improve together over the next few months.

Have a great day!
See you soon,