This picture captures some members of my family doing a yoga pose at my sister’s cottage about 4 years ago. What is on my mind today are the many benefits associated with group exercise.

When we join a gym and participate in the Group X classes:

  1. We get a chance to compare our fitness levels with people our own age or those who may be older or younger. This can be a bit of wake up call for some that more exercise is needed but it can also encourage us if we are able to keep up!
  2. So much laughter takes place in my classes. I’m sure that some of us may go through the day and never have the opportunity to smile much less belly laugh, especially if we are always alone. Laughing with others feels good and this social connection lifts our spirits, making the experience of exercise enjoyable. This keeps us coming back which is good for our health!
  3. The students form bonds that continue outside of the gym and they begin to share and care for each other which is has a positive effect on health and fitness all around. We want to know why our friends are missing and we reach out to them to offer support!
  4. We learn by watching others with physical limitations that anything is possible. Sometimes we can get discouraged by our own aches and pains but when we get together and witness our classmates overcome their challenges it is incredibly motivating!
  5. In group classes, even though we can participate at our own level by making the movements easier, we are moving through the experience as one unit, lifting each other up along the way with our smiles, high fives, whoops and hollers of joy or groans of pain.

I can’t help but smile when I am teaching my classes because I get so much joy from watching all of this go on during our time together. Yes, it can be rewarding to go for a good run or walk alone but nothing compares to the positive energy and benefits of participating in Group X. If you have yet to try a class, what are you waiting for?

See you soon,