We are all doing our best to survive Covid-19 and I feel that now more than ever, we need to make an effort to be kind. Most of us have not known the type of suffering that is rampant in the world today, and as such we are ill equipped to deal with the stress that comes with the limitations on our freedom of movement for example. This is causing us to be unnecessarily rude and short tempered at times. Last week, I shared a story on Facebook about one of my dear friends and it exemplifies what it means to be kind. I felt I needed to share it more broadly in the hope that this kindness will spread.

My friend found herself in a situation two weeks ago that could have ended very badly but because she chose to be kind and rise above the anger and frustration, everyone was better off in the end.

You see she was waiting in line to pay for her gas after having filled up at the pump but the customer ahead of her had entered the gas station without a mask and the attendant was refusing to serve this client. An argument was taking place because this particular client only had cash, and because of poor health, was unable to wear a mask. My friend was frustrated with the situation and recognized that the best way to get everyone to settle down would be to simply pay the bill of the unmasked client. The client finally exited the gas station so that things could move forward and then she tried to pay my friend who understandably didn’t want to take the cash for fear of exposure to a stranger.

We could be angry with the mask-less client. “She should know better!” But we don’t know what she is dealing with.

We could be angry with the gas attendant. “Come on, show some sympathy.” But his/her job is probably on the line if this rule is broken.

We could think my friend crazy. “Why would you give away your money like that?”

Or we could simply recognize the kindness that my friend displayed and ask ourselves how we might step in to help two people move past a difficult situation, so that the world will be a better place for all of us.

Have a great day everyone and let’s all remember that none of us are experts at this pandemic experience. We are all doing out best and most of us need a hand right now more than ever.

See you soon,