Have you ever sat back and taken stock of how many of your dreams have come true?

I make it a habit to write down my wishes, my dreams and I have to tell you that I have lost count on how many of them have come true.  I keep a journal and it is fun to go back every once in awhile and see how I have made the things that I envisioned for myself come true. By the way, not all of them have ended up being positive experiences. At times, I got what I thought I wanted, and it ended up being terrible.

While camping last year in Gatineau Park, our site faced a lake and if you look really closely to other side you will be able to make out a VW Camper on a site that jutted out into the lake.  Well I spent my time reading and writing and looking upon that van and I can tell you that I wanted that package.  The ability to just pull up in a camper and not have to set up tents was my dream.

So I spent that last year wishing and putting out my requests.  I booked that exact site two months ago and Peter and I have kept our eyes and ears open for a van that we could afford.  Well, those actual campers go for an arm and a leg so our chances of acquiring one were very slim and then an old friend of Peter offered his cargo van to us.  It has nothing in the back. It was once a van that carried frozen products in it. 

Well that was good enough for me as we can work slowly at turning it into a deluxe camper but for now, we can fit a mattress and I am happy as a lark!

In a few weeks we will be on vacation living the dream I envisioned one year ago! 

Life is magical.

Be careful what you wish for because it will come true! 

Have a great day.