We had a great time camping this year in Gatineau Provincial Park. Though I must admit, I was not prepared for the 40 degree heat!  I ended up getting quite sunburned and had some sunstroke as our site this year was in full sun.

I knew that we would need to bring our own shade, so we took a few sections of my car shelter and made a wonderfully shady spot beside our makeshift VW camper. It is actually a Transporter van from 1995 but I am sure that over time we will be able to equip it like a camper. For this trip though we built a queen size bed frame and used our mattress from home!  It was wonderful but would have been even better if the nights had been cooler.  I think I have discovered that I prefer camping closer to Autumn.

 This was our view for a few days.  The water is clear and warm and the campground is peaceful.

This bike was the highlight of our trip. My husband picked this up for $60 just before we left. He added two seats that he had from his collection and we had a blast learning how to ride together. Every married couple should have to do this!  What a great exercise in collaboration. I will be writing more about this bike soon as there is a celebrity connection!!

We had a lovely holiday but now we are back to work.

My yoga classes at Quanta start Tuesday. There is still one more spot on for the Beginner Yoga on Tuesday at 1pm and Thursday’s Gentle Yoga Stretch on the Chair at 1pm has 2 spots left.

I look forward to starting to plan for fall fitness classes but for now, let’s enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

See you soon and have a great day,