So much in our lives is out of our control.

Situations arise and we have to deal with them whether we like it or not. Because I’m in the fitness industry, I see people dealing with physical struggles. I meet people every day who have been told by their doctor, that they have to get to the gym to improve their physical condition before things deteriorate further. Once this type of client has joined my class, I can then work on trying to bring some joy into their experience.

I must remember that many clients are dealing with chronic knee, hip and shoulder pain. Doctors will often insist that someone start attending the gym before surgery to improve the recovery process. Building up the muscles around the injury site will help you to heal faster.

Remember that even if you are in constant pain, a positive attitude will go a long way in helping you to achieve your goals. We can chose how we ‘show up.’

I too have chronic conditions that flare up at certain times and kick my butt. I have no choice but to show up with a positive attitude and I am thankful for this every single day! I now know that these conditions get worse if my attitude is one of ‘woe is me.’

The negative thought cycle feeds on itself and it is a downward spiral of ill health and misery. I’m not saying it is easy to ‘stay up.’ It is bloody hard but if you have managed to get yourself to the gym, when you are in chronic pain already, you are a superhero and have done the hard work. Now take it one step further and watch the magic happen.

Try to be fully present when you are in class. Distract your mind away from the pain by focusing on the task at hand. When you focus fully on the cues of the teacher and the muscles that you’re working, you will see a gradual shift in your thought process and once more, you will give your mind a break from worry.

I used to tell people to leave their troubles outside of the door. We all have them but lets enter the class with fresh eyes and an open heart and mind. The physical workout is just one of the elements of the workout, if you absorb yourself fully in the process, you should feel a sense of relief. It can feel like you have had a vacation in the sense that your regular routine has changed.

I can tell when your mind is occupied with thoughts other than the task at hand.

My concern is for your safety. Distracted thinking leads to loss of footing in the cardio segment which puts you at risk for falling. If your mind is elsewhere, it is not on proper form during the weight lifting segments which can increase your risk of injury.

So you will hear me try to pull you out of your reverie with an occasional bad joke. I’m trying to remind you that in this very moment, we are lucky to be together exercising.

It is a gift, not a chore.

See it this way and watch your attitude improve your life.

See you soon,