On this first day of Autumn, I am sitting by our fireplace to write this blog post to you today. I live out in the country so the mornings are a bit chillier than they are in the city.

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. The temperatures are comfortable and the colours are beautiful.  My husband and I regard this season as special because we met at John Abbott College in October of 1985.  Years later we decided to get engaged after hiking up in St. Agathe on a beautiful afternoon in the Fall. 

It is a busy time of year as most of us have new and exciting projects on the go to carry us into the start of Winter. We have joined the gym and are active in the classes and also in our communities. Perhaps we are taking courses to improve ourselves.

My message today is to ignite the passion inside of you for a new adventure. Winter is a long season in Quebec. Set yourself up for activities that get you out of the house. Make connections in your community now, while the weather is good, for when it gets cold, too many of us huddle in our homes and wait for Spring.  This inactivity can lead to many adverse side affects so start thinking about what you can do to keep active and fit.

The clients that I train, who do the best over the Winter season, are the ones who grab a friend and committ to walking everyday or meeting at the gym. Make a plan for yourself now so that you can continue to be active and hopefully happy and healthy over the cold months ahead.

Get those home fires burning!

Have a great day.