There are many muscles in the human body.  We need to remember that if we are always doing the same activities or training in exactly the same, some muscles are being neglected and this can result in injury.

We usually think of atrophy as happening only when we have been inactive for several weeks or months but it can happen if we are always working the same muscle groups and in the process, ignoring others.

I am telling you this so that you realize the importance of incorporating a variety of activities into your weekly routine.

We can get injured by overusing and underusing muscle groups. We need all 620+ muscles in the body. The only way to make certain that you are working out in a balanced way, is to attend different types of classes, or ask your trainer to change the focus of your workouts.

I can tell you that as a trainer that teaches many classes per week, it is hard to satisfy everyone in a group class setting. There is implied pressure on teachers to work the main muscle groups. People want to see squats and push-ups and sit-ups in every class or they feel as though they are missing out. This may not be you, but believe me, I hear it all!

My mission is to keep each class as challenging, interesting, safe and effective as I can for the majority of clients in attendance. To do this, I change the focus of my workouts each month but remember that it is up to you to vary your own workouts. Try new classes. Tai Chi. Yoga. Pilates. Aquafit. This is the only way to make certain that you are working all of the muscles in your body and avoiding imbalances that can result in injury.

Have a great weekend and see you next week!