The air is getting cooler and the garden is producing wonderful tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis and pumpkins! I’m proud of this pumpkin that has grown in my garden all summer. It will make amazing pies and soup for Thanksgiving. I placed my rather large coffee cup in the picture so you could see just how big it has grown. These little things give me such joy!

My question to you today is quite simple. Have you thought about what your fitness regime is going to be this fall?

If you find yourself dreading the thought of getting back to fitness, you might just need to change your routine.

I recommend that you try a new class and by that I don’t just mean, the same type of workout but with a different teacher, even though that can be very effective. I mean step out of your comfort zone and try something completely different. At the World Fitness Expo in Toronto a few weeks ago, I saw some very interesting, new types of training that are getting people moving in fun ways.

Have you heard of POUND?

This is the workout that excited me the most at the Expo. I had seen a short demo at the trade show one morning and I knew that there was a POUND session taking place at the same time that I was booked in a Yoga session. While sitting in the Yoga workshop, I found myself going through the same old exercises that I have been using for years and years, while my heart was telling me to leave and go to POUND to see what it was. After about 20 minutes I could not take the voices in my head anymore. I was bored and I knew I had to try something fresh. POUND made me giggle and laugh and sweat like never before. I was actually having fun while getting a great workout.

So what is POUND?

We all love to move to our favorite songs and some of us like to keep the beat with imaginary drumsticks. Well, in POUND, you have a set of ‘drumsticks’ in your hand and you are air drumming or hitting the floor while the instructor leads you through a whole body workout that includes squats and lunges and abdominal crunches. You literally forget that you’re working out because you’re so focused on drumming to your favorite song. By the end of the class, you have worked your whole body but you feel like you’ve been at a concert!

It was different, exciting and challenging. Suddenly the same old squats, were now interesting because of the eye hand co-ordination included in the exercise. Of course, the best part is if you miss a beat (which I did many times) there is no problem because you are not really hitting any drums!  For me it was the best of both worlds. Music and fitness coming together in a really fluid way.

Follow the link below to a youtube video on POUND. I hope to get certified to teach this sometime next year.

I encourage you to start planning what your fitness regime will be this fall and to try something new. We need to love what we are doing and this includes exercise as well. There are so many different forms of conditioning. Your body may need a bit of a ‘shake up’ to get you motivated again.

You can always ask google to show you fitness classes or options near you. Type: fitness classes near me into the search box and if something new pops up, give it a try. You might be very happy that you did!

See you soon,