I am asking this question with my tongue in my cheek because I know that no one is perfect, yet I do meet people who love to point out my imperfections.  Perhaps this is because I am the one at the front of the class who they believe must be “perfect” because why would I have been hired otherwise? I have had clients come up and tap my belly and tell me that they are happy that they are not the only one who ate well over the summer!  That is just the tip of the iceberg.

I believe that we have created a world in which women and men in general are striving for the perfect body, the perfect job, the perfect mate, the perfect home. People are waiting until the perfect moment to live.

“Things will be great, once I get that perfect job or the perfect house or that six pack!”

Perhaps because I work in the business of helping people work toward achieving the goal of getting in better shape, I see that clients are always focused on the future. They are living for that day when they can get back into those awesome jeans or feel like they are beautiful again.

I am happy to say that I stopped trying to be perfect many years ago. I am not the perfect teacher. I make mistakes but I set up a safe environment in my classes where it is alright to be imperfect. My hope is that students can actually be themselves and relax in my classes and let learning take place.

This constant striving for perfection is exhausting and unrealistic. We are never going to look like the people on the covers of magazines because they have teams of people following them around to keep them looking perfect! The photos are usually airbrushed to take out the supposed imperfections.

I see that many young people have dreams of making lots of money playing professional sports. I fear that if they do not make it, they will feel like failures and not realize that the living that they have been doing while striving for their dreams, is where happiness lies. When you are coming to the gym to get in shape you are meeting people and laughing and experiencing life, this is what is important. When we feel good and when we feel loved and accepted it makes achieving our dreams that much easier. 

What happens if we cannot achieve our goals? Does this mean we are imperfect?

Remember that is great to have dreams of making ourselves better but we have to live each day as if it is our last and laugh and love along the way. Be fully present in each moment, not solely focused on the future. Be realistic in your goals and set yourself up for success.

Most of all remember that it is important to love yourself just as you are. You are already perfect because you alone can decide what the perfect version of yourself looks like.

In my world, I have the perfect life but if I compare myself to what society labels as perfect, I would be considered a failure. I do not have money. I drive an old car. I live far into the woods in a humble home that we built with our own hands.  I have ailments and sore joints.  I am old (er)…ha,ha…

I know that I have the most amazing life because I ask myself in every moment, “do I have everything I need right now?”  And the answer is always “yes!”

I have food. I have shelter. I have employment. I have the ability to get to work each day. I can walk and I can breathe.  Most of all, I am happy just being me.

Do you have all you really need to live today fully?