Yesterday, in class I noticed several people who appeared to be distracted by their thoughts.

I can tell when your mind is elsewhere and I want you to know that when I remind you to focus on what you are doing, I am not doing it to be funny, I am doing it to keep you safe.

While I have said that working out makes us feel better no matter what we may be going through, this is only true if you actually leave your troubles at the door when entering.

I know that many of you are dealing with chronic pain that can be quite distracting. I know that some of you have recently lost loved ones which is incredibly challenging and I know that some of you have major life changing events coming up in the near future.

My concern is to keep you safe while you are in class and if you are not actually thinking about what you are doing, while you are doing it, you are more prone to injuries.

During a Step or Dance class you could trip and hurt yourself or the students around you. In muscle conditioning, you need to be focused on your posture and the exercise that you are doing, so that you avoid moving in the wrong way.

I often clap to snap you out of your reverie. I do this on beat of course but you will hear me ‘whoop’ or clap or snap to draw your attention back to the task at hand. Sometimes, if I am really concerned, I will call out your name and make a joke. Just know that I am doing this to remind you that you are in class and you need to be fully present.

The next time you find that you are thinking about something other than your workout, take a deep breath and turn your focus back to your body. For that one hour, give your mind a break from the worry and center yourself on getting stronger and more flexible, all of which will help you to handle the challenges of life much easier.

Have a wonderful weekend.