Almost without fail, I hear a sneeze near the end of every workout. It comes from one student in particular, usually when we are stretching. We all joke this client being allergic to fitness but I have often wondered why it happens so regularly. Is the floor particularly dusty in the area that she frequents? Is there someone nearby who wears the same perfume every class?

While all of those things are possible, it is more likely that the sneeze is part of a physical release. When we exercise we get all of our muscles moving and increase blood blow. We can experience nausea, dizziness and tingling and in the case of this client, perhaps her body is using a sneeze to release some toxins.

I am not a doctor but I know enough about fitness to understand that every person reacts in a unique way to exercise and after close to twenty years in the business, not much surprises me anymore. As long as the reaction is not life threatening, it is usually okay to continue. The important thing is to address the situation and discuss it with your fitness professional or doctor.

So while it might be fun to consider that we could be allergic to exercise or that we might develop a similar reaction and have to give up classes, this is highly unlikely.

Actually, I have come to look forward to ‘the sneeze’ as a sign that all things are normal in my class and that this client is present and well.

See you soon, sneezes and all.