I am very happy to say that I currently have all different ages of people in my classes.  This gives me a wonderful perspective on the ageing process. I am able to warn young people of the problems they may face, if they do not start addressing important issues now concerning weight, flexibility and posture. I am also able to compare the fitness level of my students quite easily, as I have the luxury of training clients who are 19 up to 85+ years of age.
For example, I have some clients in their 40’s who are not as fit as my 65 year old students. This can be a wake up call for some individuals.  Unfortunately, I also deal with a lot of ageism. People make judgements based on someones age, rather than on ability.
What shocks me the most, are those clients who refuse to attend some of my classes, because they are filled with people with white hair. They “do not want to be seen with old people.” That is a direct quote.  In many cases, these particular students would rather pay more to be with a younger clientele, than with their peers.
I guess it is human nature not to want to get older. Perhaps because I grew up with older parents, I have always been comfortable with people who are much older than I am. I know the importance of judging people by what they say and do and not by their age. Maybe those clients who are not wanting to be seen around white haired people are running from something. Perhaps they are afraid to age. I on the other hand, see how regular exercise literally stops time. I have been training some of my students for the last 15 years, and their fitness level has barely changed at all, not to mention their appearance.  They seem frozen in time. Not many people can say this. My students look as young as they did when I first met them.
I am so motivated by my students. Whether they are young or old, I look at each person individually and see how they handle the challenges presented to them. Some people are battling serious illness. Some are dealing with crippling loss. Some are dealing with mobility issues. No matter what the struggle, we come together as a group to keep as fit as we can.
The above picture is of one of my students, while she was on vacation. She was 70 years old at the time and if I am not mistaken, she had already had a hip replaced. None of the younger people in the group were brave enough to try this stunt.
I hope to feel that physically fit when I am that age.  Don’t you?
Have a fabulous day.