Essentrics feels like an hour long physio session, at a fraction of the cost, and I see this as a great thing for both myself and my students.

My goal is to make sure that you are prepared for any eventuality that comes your way in your daily life. So we work on our balance to be ready for slippery situations. We strengthen our muscles and our core to be ready for carrying heavy loads and we stretch often to stay flexible to avoid muscle and ligament tears, but no matter how hard I might try you will end up overworking certain areas of your body because you attend many different classes per week, not just mine. Essentrics re-balances your body by working every muscle, not just the popular ones!

There are currently 10 choreography’s available to certified Essentrics instructors. Each has been designed by the founder, Miranda Esmonde White and is meant to be followed to the letter.  Pre-Choreographed Workout #9 is quickly becoming my favorite. This class is known as the Age Reversing Essentrics workout. It is designed to re-balance all 650 muscles, decrease pain, improve posture and relieve tension from all joints. It will liberate the spine, shoulders and hips and this is why if feels so great.

One of the biggest frustrations that I have as an instructor is not being able to help clients who have become injured. I have often considered going into Physiotherapy and I just might one day but until then, I am so excited to share this program with you because it truly helps people with injuries and it will help you to avoid common injuries by strengthening your body in advance.

I belong to a Facebook group of Essentrics instructors and I want to share some of the success stories that I have heard about over the last few days. Here are two short stories that might speak to you on some level and perhaps you will try to find a class in your area.

This testimony if from Lynne who shares the following about one of her clients: “A few months ago I wrote a post about a client I have been working with who has two frozen shoulders. Her results continue to (be positive)! Today she told me that she can now pull a sweater over her head and she can reach across her body to put on her seat belt. She attributes this to daily Essentrics. She is over the moon happy that these daily life activities are becoming easier.” Anyone who has dealt with frozen shoulder knows how limited our life becomes. I have a few clients who are starting to have issues in this area and unfortunately they are not keen on going to physio. This workout might help you to reverse the damage yourself!

This testimony is from Alescia: “Good news from two of my clients. One of them was supposed to get a hip replacement and the other a knee replacement in the coming months. Both made appointments and later cancelled them. They say that since adding Essentrics into their lives they’re not in pain and don’t feel that they need the surgery (yet). They may need to have the procedures one day but for now, they are happy to be pain free!”

One of my students, name Joe, who had a stroke a year ago this past March, attends my Essentrics class and his progress is amazing. Not only can he do almost the entire class, yesterday he was able to do it barefoot for the first time because his balance has improved so much! He was laughing with delight because he was able to wiggle each finger yesterday, on his bad side. Two of my hard core workout ladies can now touch their toes when last October their body was so tight, they could only reach their knees. And my strength has doubled since adding Essentrics to my weekly workouts.

This is why I have become so passionate about this class. I am able to offer you another tool in your toolbox to keep you healthy and happy!


See you soon,