I took this photo years ago, after I had finished teaching three back to back classes, the last of which was a cardio workout. I joked that I love my work so much that this heart appeared on my shirt. What is on my mind today however is the lack of love for good old fashioned aerobics. I know that there are plenty of people with ‘left feet’ reading this post. I understand the aversion to it but I am writing this post to all of the students out there who actually love cardio dance classes. I am here to tell you that they have become a thing of the past, unless of course you love Zumba. Aerobics is alive and well there.

Now that I am training future teachers, I see how much the industry has changed based on the interests of my canfitpro students. While I have been busy creating successful fitness classes and working my butt off to deliver them well, the industry has evolved to the point where young people hear the word “aerobics” and they run for the hills. I have yet to meet a candidate who wants to put in the time to master the 32 count phrase and patterning. Really any exercise that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up is aerobic but the teachers coming up the line, want to teach interval classes or bootcamp and not V-Steps and Grapevines.

I love learning new skills and being able to offer variety to my students. I am sad that today’s teachers are not interested in exploring some of the ‘old’ ways but now I sound like a old lady. I am always taking new courses and expanding my teaching capabilities. What is old will become new again once people tire of doing jumping jacks and burpees.

Now back to my grapevines!

Have a great day.