On Friday, I tried to re-post a blog that I wrote about my amazing Physiotherapist, Andrea Dewar. She works out of Action Sport Physio in Vaudreuil and Dollard des Ormeaux. For some reason I cannot simply “tell” one of my posts to publish again as a new entry.  I encourage anyone in need of a good physio to simply look through my earlier posts from the Spring.  She truly is the best and has helped me once again to recover from a problem.  They key to physiotherapy though, is to go as soon as the injury takes place. The same day if possible. Do not ignore the issue or eventually it will stop you in your tracks.

Last week, I had to miss a day of classes because of this latest issue that I am facing. When I returned to classes I noticed that many of my students were not present. Many present, felt that those missing, had probably pushed themselves too far, trying to impress the sub!

I have seen this before when clients go beyond their limits to prove to a teacher that they are fit. Unfortunately if we push ourselves too far and do not listen to our bodies we can get hurt. I have mentioned this before to all of my students: if an exercise feels unsafe, they should stop and  ask the teacher for some help adapting the exercise or request an an alternative exercise altogether.

One of the comments that came my way last week was, “I was going to show the sub that I could handle anything she threw at me!!!”

The problem with this is that as teachers we want to be able to challenge you and not hurt you. If I am subbing a class and the exercise that I am giving the students seems too easy, than I want to know so that I can change it on the spot and not waste their time.  I always ask for feedback and if the feedback is false than that does not help the student, the class as a whole or the teacher.

Address the issue right away if you are experiencing pain or discomfort. Your body is sending out the early warning signals.

Have a fabulous day everyone and see you soon,