Whether you want to lose 10 pounds, publish a book, build your dream home or take that long awaited trip to somewhere exotic, it all starts with naming the goal and setting your sights on completion!

Often we have so many things that we want to accomplish but we keep them to ourselves. This past week, I learned about another friend who has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, so what is on my mind today is just how short life can be and how we have to get busy if we want to live our best lives! And for me, living my best life, is making my dreams come true!

I have managed to accomplish quite a bit in the last few years and people often express their amazement at my achievements so I thought I would share my strategies.

    1. Make a list of things that you want to accomplish. Dream big. Some people refer to this as making a ‘bucket list.’
    2. Then find images from magazines that represent your goals and stick them to a big poster board, naming each one in big letters. For example: Publish a book of short stories beside an image of a stack of books. Put this board where you will see it daily. This will keep you focused on your goals.
    3. From your list or vision board, pick 1-3 things that you think you could accomplish this week and build time into your schedule to make it happen. Starting with the easiest goals is motivating because success is the best motivator!
    4. At the end of this week, pick a few more easily achievable goals but also one thing that you could accomplish within the next month or two and one thing that you could do within one year.
    5. MAKE time to get it done. I personally alter my work schedule because I can. I get up earlier to study or exercise. I socialize a bit less and turn down invitations to just ‘chill’ with friends. I don’t have television which leaves me plenty of time to be productive. Slow and steady wins the race each and every time. So don’t think that spending half an hour to an hour working on your goals is unproductive. A book is written one page at a time.

I hope this helps!

I am holiday next week but my blog will resume May 8th.

See you soon,