We have had a wonderful start to the winter session. Despite the bad weather people have made it out to classes in great numbers. Bravo! We have a few new faces among the tried and true members. Just a wee reminder to make new comers feel welcome by extending a hand and offering a smile.

Part of my job as a group fitness instructor is to ensure (to the best of my ability) that you will be safe during class. This involves making sure that the room is is set up for the activity at hand before you enter. When new students present themselves to me before the class, I explain to them what to expect and tell them how to tailor the class to their personal fitness level. So always speak to the teacher if you are new to the gym. I tell people to spit out their gum as this is a choking hazard. You shouldn’t have candy in your mouth while you’re doing any form of exercise, especially cardio and I make sure that everyone is wearing the appropriate footwear for the activity. Tie those shoe laces!

Still accidents do happen and when we witness someone stumble or get hurt, it’s quite upsetting. Having been a fitness leader for many years I have seen it all and I can tell you that anyone who falls during exercise is completely embarrassed. The last thing they want is for everyone to stop and stare at them. My job is to assess the situation and call for help when needed. In most cases class continues, especially when I hand the student over to a manager. If it is serious, class will be cancelled immediately. So please know that if we are continuing to exercise, I am not being a cold hearted person. It is because the situation is completely under control.

The good news is our gym is ready to handle any emergency that presents itself during our time together. Teachers and managers alike have protocols to follow should anything happen during class. We work out in one of the safest places in town!

Should we stop exercising if we know that we might get hurt?

That is a question that I encourage each of you to consider before any exercise session.

How are you feeling today? Is your lower back or knee still bothering you? Have you been falling a lot lately? Are you experiencing dizziness often? Are you ill?

Remember that while it is important to attend class regularly, it is not wise to push through pain or illness. Your balance will be off if you are sick or favoring one leg over another. Your ability to transition quickly during cardio will be limited. When we are under the weather we should pick activities that present the least risk. We must listen to our bodies and address the most pressing issues before we try to push ourselves through fitness class.

Please know that I do my best to ensure that you have the best exercise experience possible from music selection to programming. I need your help in keeping me abreast of any changes in your health so that together we can keep you both safe and fit!

Have a great week.