I teach a variety of things every week.  This keeps my life interesting as I get to meet different people, from different backgrounds. I must confess however, that one of the things I struggle with is trying to keep the class interesting for all these different types of students.

In every class, there are different levels of capability. My struggle is to make it interesting for the more advanced student, but keep it easy enough for the new ones to catch on and feel motivated to return. No teacher wants to lose students. We want every student who comes into our classes to feel welcome and supported. We want them to keep coming and to achieve their goals.

Life is hard however. No matter what the subject, the student has to commit to doing what it takes to get their prize! I cannot make someones feet move in dance class by simply willing them to do so, anymore than I can make someone write an essay or read a book. All I can do is try to provide the best environment for the said activity to take place and then fill it with love and respect and hopefully some fun.

Getting into shape is hard work but the benefits are absolutely huge.  Finishing high school and moving on with life is hard but so necessary in today’s world.  I am surrounded by hard working students everyday.  I admire those who are doing all they can to succeed and at the end of the day, if I can help just one of you achieve your goal, I will be ecstatic!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!