I have to say that I am very proud of all of my students, however yesterday I was most impressed by one lady whom I have known my whole teaching career.

While on my way into the building in the morning I noticed that “lady x” was several steps ahead of me on the walking path.  I was able to observe her gait and her posture. This lovely lady moves like the wind. She is in her 80’s but she moves like she is 50.  Her pace was impressive and you can tell just by watching her that she is not suffering from any sort of physical limitation.  I caught up with her later and took the time to let her know her my observations.

At times I am so caught up in being the ‘gatekeeper’ of the class, that I miss opportunities to pass on valuable feedback to my students on an individual basis.

As a general rule the majority of my students who are over the age of fifty are in better shape than my younger clients. It is clear that you have made your health and well being a priority. You move faster and can last longer without getting out of breath. You are able to remember line dances from week to week and learn new moves. You have strong cores and amazing upper body strength. You are very flexible and you know your left from your right!!!

So this is a positive note to all of my students who attend regularly. I hope that you see what I am seeing. I hope that you feel that your health has improved. I can see the changes in your body shape and your fitness abilities and I am very impressed.

Please let me know when you notice the positive changes in your health, as this motivates me to keep doing what I do!

Have a great day and see you soon,