Today marks the beginning of a new season of exercise for those of us who are used to fitness classes. Some people are returning to in person sessions, in a socially distant, mask wearing way, while others are preferring to exercise outdoors until the weather changes. Luckily, a large number of my former clients have joined me online, and we are continuing our daily Zoom fitness meetings, which have been going on since March 16th! My how time flies.

I had a lovely 2 week holiday this month. I was able to travel within Canada and visit my daughter whom I had not seen in 8 months. For those of you with kids you understand how special this was for me and how hard it was to leave her and return to my neck of the woods. The above photo is of a sunrise that takes place 10 minutes from her front door. I was so lucky to be able to spend last week on the beach. I even got my first and last sunburn of the season after falling asleep in the warm sun. I really needed to get away and feel the sand beneath my feet before we begin our 12 weeks of fitness together. I hope that you enjoyed your summer. We certainly had a special one with hot weather and wonderful opportunities to meet with friends and family in a safe way outdoors.

As I rushed around preparing my fitness classes today, I couldn’t help but remark how this would be the first year in twenty, when I would not be a part of the activities at the Pointe Claire Aquatic Center. Normally, I would have packed my bag the night before, after spending all weekend prepping lesson plans. I would have triple checked that I had my shoes and all that I needed to teach my Monday classes, and then I would have had to leave extra early to fight traffic for at least 90 minutes.

Instead, I walked down the stairs to my in-home fitness studio, and actually breathed a sigh of relief.

It was time for a change.

The sun has set on my time at the pool, but a new chapter of my life is unfolding like the sunrise above, full of texture, new colours and opportunities for growth.

I remain committed to learning new ways to keep my clients in shape. I am now a Healthy Weight Loss Coach and can begin helping people lose weight in a safe manner. I am studying to become a Core Specialist where I will help people strengthen their pelvic floor to avoid incontinence issues etc., and I am studying the last level of Essentrics Teacher Training (Level 4).

Life is always changing and shifting and it is best to go with the flow. I am so proud of my students for all that they have mastered about technology in the last 6 months, and I remain in awe of their determination to keep fit at this time. Bravo!

I have about 3 spots left in my Virtual Classes. If you would like to try a free class, reach out to me via the Contact Form on the Home Page.

See you soon,