“Life is a good teacher and a good friend.” 

These are the wise words of Pema Chodron from her book, When Things Fall Apart.  Heart Advice for Difficult Times. 

We have a tendency to want things to stay the same. Especially when things are going well. What Pema teaches us in her book is that life is always changing, always in transition. Sadness comes when we expect that we can control events and have to learn time and time again, that this is not possible.

The trick Pema says is in not hardening into resentment or bitterness. We have to catch ourselves before we go down that path as it will lead to more suffering and sadness.

I am facing a new challenge but what I noticed over the last 48 hours is that I am appreciating the little things more. I see that I had come to take things for granted and I needed a bit of a wake up call. I pride myself on living in the moment but even one who is so tuned in, can get lured into thinking that life is always going to be humming along perfectly! Today I was thankful for things that I had forgotten to be thankful for. I learned a great lesson over the last few days.

Take nothing for granted. Walk a bit slower. Share time with those you love. Sit a bit longer. Take in the sun and the warmth and be thankful for every minute that is your own.

Have a great day.
See you soon,