Thanksgiving is next weekend and I am fortunate enough to usually host this event for at least part of our family. I love to cook and I love to entertain. The planning starts a week or two ahead as I can expect at least 22 people. Last year we were 28!  I emptied the living room and set up 7 tables of 4 guests each so that we could enjoy dinner by the fire.

One year, my daughter and I carved out 25 mini pumpkins and served squash soup in them with the lids on as appetizers.  I have done some crazy things but they always work out and we have so much together that it makes all of the work worthwhile.

All of the preparation can result in me forgetting to actually be “thankful” at this time of year. I get so wrapped up in preparing for company that I forget what a gift it is to have a big enough space to host events like this and enough energy to accomplish the task. Some years, once the dust clears and everyone has left, I realize that I did not get a chance to talk to one of the guests as I was so busy.

Well my promise to myself is to get things done ahead of time as much as possible and to spend more time talking to the people I love.

My life is not perfect but I have all I need. I have so much to be thankful for in life that when I tell people I could die tomorrow and be fully satisfied with my life they are amazed.This feeling has arisen from living in the present moment. When I sit and evaluate if I have everything that I need at any given moment. My answer is always yes.

This coming Thanksgiving I need to be more present during the actual celebration and completely submerge myself in the joys of my extended family.

Practice being present today. Live in the moment.

See you soon,