There’s always something you can do, even when you think you can’t. My students have taught me this lesson time and time again.

My message today: you are stronger than you realize!

If you’re feeling beat down by life’s challenges or by a physical ailment, moving and exercise will help. Pumping blood throughout the body, delivers fresh oxygen and healing nutrients to the muscles and tissues. Walking, dancing, and stretching clears the mind and helps us to focus on something outside of ourselves and that is when the magic happens. You see, for the most part I’m preoccupied with teaching an effective, safe program to my students but once the class is rolling along smoothly, I get to see how people are adapting the exercises to suit their personal situation and it inspires me.

Stroke patients who use a chair but do 90% of the class like the rest of us have proven to me that moving is essential to good health. Arthritis sufferers who move a bit slower, with no resistance, usually walk away from class feeling better than when they walked in. People struggling with negative emotions find themselves smiling a bit more.

Yes, there are times when coming to class will be impossible, especially after an acute injury or trauma of some kind. We all need time to rest and get ourselves back on track. Please listen to your health care professional and follow their advice but remember that we are more resilient than we realize.Ā  Don’t let anyone else put limits on your potential. There is always something you can do toward healing yourself.

I look forward to another great year of being inspired by my students!

See you soon,