Today is the last day of classes for many of my students.  I just want to write a short message of thanks to each and every one of you for sharing your time with me this year.
I am so proud of all of you for not missing classes, despite the weather this past winter.  I am thankful that you have made your health a top priority and that many of you build your schedules around the classes, so that nothing will conflict with your routine. 
A huge thank you as well to my line dance students who came out in droves ( 100 students at the first class)  last fall.  We split the class into two and you have all kept coming!  Most of you had never danced before and look at you now!!!  This program is here to stay. It is fun and a great workout for your brain and body!
I can tell you that I see a huge difference in the students who come to my classes regularly, versus the ones who I only see once in awhile.  This is encouraging to me because I know that my programming works, as you are all so fabulously healthy and fit.
I have been teaching many of you for 14 years now, some for 17! What is most amazing to me is how you have not aged in that time at all.  You are all a testament to the fact that exercise keeps you young in mind, body and soul.  Many of you say that you are inspired by my energy and enthusiasm but make no mistake that it is I who is inspired by your achievements.
Summer is almost upon us.  Many of you take the occasion to do a lot of travelling and visiting with friends and family.  If I am not going to see you in the summer classes, please try to be as active as possible. As a minimum, walk and stretch.
Thanks for all of your support and keep tuning into the blog.  I will still be writing everyday!