This time of year is special for Peter and I because we met in the Fall of 1985 while both attending JAC. Two years later, in the Autumn, we decided to get married.  We took this picture hours before we popped the question to each other.  Neither one of us had a ring, nor did we have the experience of a big fancy proposal.  I am amazed to hear about the elaborate, complicated ways in which people propose nowadays.  The pressure!  It is almost as if the proposal and wedding are more important than the marriage. We simply looked at each other and knew. What a special moment.

The hair is very different now…..some is missing and most are grey but the love is the same. We laugh more than we cry. We support each other in every crazy adventure we can come up with. We never raise our voices to each other and if we are upset, we truly take the time to sit and discuss as best we can, how to move forward. We are far from perfect but we are perfect together.

The leaves are almost completely off of the trees where I live. Fall reminds me to be grateful for the love in my life. Every day is precious.

Feeling sentimental today!

Hug your loved ones.