“Before the lotus becomes a flower it must move through the mud.” – OSHO

Life doesn’t always go as planned.┬áSometimes we get sick or injured or a loved one dies. Life is full of surprises but each day presents new opportunities for growth.

I try to provide some continuity in my classes so that you can see results quickly and feel successful. Life is hard but exercise should be fun, uplifting and motivating. My aim is to keep things simple so that you can focus on maintaining good posture and proper technique.

For some reason I did not see the beautiful comments that some of you left for me when I was injured and away from work. I was so focused on recovery and preparation for my return that I failed to see and moderate them. I can tell you that they came at just the right moment. I needed a little boost and you gave it to me.

Progress toward our goals can seem very slow at times but eventually we will push through just like the lotus.

Have a great day everyone.