Yesterday, at my fitness facility, we had to evacuate the entire building because the fire alarm went off.

This was not a drill so it caught all of us a bit off guard, participants and staff alike.

As I sit and enjoy my first sips of morning coffee and reflect on yesterdays events, I feel very grateful.

Grateful for the staff and their calm and professional demeanor.
Grateful for those participants who co-operated without question, following the instructions in a timely manner.
Grateful for those who comforted and consoled the tiny swimmers who were dripping wet.
Grateful for the fire department who went in to check the entire building to make sure it was safe for us to resume classes.

Most importantly, I am grateful that it was not a real emergency.

Have a wonderful day and be thankful for every minute that is ‘normal’ and uneventful! Little blips like these certainly highlight how good we have it in our neck of the woods.