Happy 26th Anniversary to my husband and I.

We took this picture the day that we decided to get married. We had been hiking in St. Agathe, Quebec. We were in our early 20’s. 

I will never forget coming back and announcing to our friends and family our decision.  Most people were happy for us but so many thought we were absolutely nuts! 

26 years later we are still together and heading into a new chapter in our lives.  The kids are grown and now we are setting our sights on different adventures.

I do not know too many couples who are still together if they got married young.  Many of my friends are divorced. It seems that today’s couples opt out of marriage or if they do get married it lasts for just a few years.  In this climate, I do not brag about the fact that I have been married for so long because I do not want to offend any of my friends etc.

But today I am proud!

Love you Peter.