Beth Oldfield

“I’m 84 years old and stronger than I was before!” – Brigitta.

Not many of us will utter this phrase in reference to ourselves.

I met Brigitta in 2013 and when she introduced herself to me she took my breath away. She doesn’t know this but she looks a little bit like my Mother, who passed away in 2007. Brigitta is a very kind, soft spoken lady who rarely misses class and always wears a smile.

Yesterday, in the Ice Storm, Brigitta made it to my Chair Muscle Conditioning class along with eleven other students. I did not expect anyone to show up, as the news media was telling everyone to stay home, and I don’t fault anyone for choosing to remain indoors. The sidewalks were skating rinks.

Brigitta walks to my class as she has no car, so I asked her if she had taken a lift this time.

“Oh no, I have a walking stick!”

This warmed my heart and left me giving thanks that she had arrived safely.

Brigitta told me that she believes the classes have developed her core to the point where she feels she is more stable, and better able to handle days like yesterday.

In her own words, “Thank you for the health and fitness you have given me with your excellent and well thought-out exercises.  I think I walk and sit differently now.  You made me aware of my body.”

This body awareness has allowed Brigitta to abandon a back belt that she bought years ago to help her with gardening. She told me yesterday that she has not needed that belt for a long time. She believes that the exercises that we do have taken away the need for any such aid.

Brigitta is strong, flexible and from what I can see, pain free. Though I must add that my All Star students are pretty good at not complaining. They are thankful and usually smiling, no matter what life throws their way…even ice storms!

It is never too late to start training. I hope you will be motivated by Brigitta’s story and join us.

See you soon,