One of the students who has been with me the longest is about to turn 82.  This wonderful lady began classes with me in my first year, eighteen years ago! The great news is she is not alone. This person started exercising with a group of friends and all of them are still attending the gym.

The great thing about our gym is that there are three levels of intensity built into the programming. If you are a senior looking to join a facility, it is best to find one that has a variety of classes to accommodate future health challenges. For example, does the gym offer an aqua fitness program which is great for bad knees? Or does the facility have an arthritic program?

Don’t assume that a program is easy because it is for seniors. I teach a Step class that is very challenging. I had a substitute take the class last week and she was very impressed by abilities of my students!

If you have found the right gym, you will be able to continue exercising no matter your age. Look for qualified, dedicated teachers and a variety of classes offered at different intensity levels.

See you soon!