Altogether now, ” Awww, cute!!”

This is one of my son’s kittens. Originally, he and his girlfriend took in a stray cat and one morning they woke up and found 4 kittens in the sock drawer!  They have such big hearts that they have kept them all.

I have to admit that I have been allergic to cats since I was a little girl, so even though they are adorable, they have always represented intense suffering for me. As a result, I have kept my distance. Now however I can feel my heart starting to melt.

My message today is about transformation. It is a bit of a stretch but stick with me on this…

I have disliked cats all of my life but now I see that change is possible in the most unexpected places.

People who know me, are surprised to hear me say that I cannot wait to go and visit Josh and the kittens! 

I meet people all of the time who tell me that they “hate” exercise or they hate the “gym.”

I of course cannot believe this, as I love fitness and cannot imagine my life without classes. I can’t believe that they actually mean what they are saying.

Seeing this new love for cats develop in myself, I am here to tell you that you can change any beliefs you may hold about yourself.

Yes, “hating” the gym and exercise classes, may have always been your mantra. Maybe it is the little joke you make to get everyone around you laughing, so the subject changes and people stop bothering you about getting healthy. Maybe it is time to change your focus and give exercise a real try.

No, I cannot promise you that attending classes or the gym will be as much fun as holding kittens, though perhaps having a “kitten” therapy room would get more people into the building!!

I can tell you that if you give it at least three attempts you may actually begin to like that yoga or interval class. The benefits will far outweigh the initial discomfort and in time, joy will arise!

I am totally shocked that I am beginning to like the idea of cats.  I never thought that this was possible however watching my “tough guy” son, transform into a man who picks up kittens and cuddles them has opened my eyes.

Transformation is possible and healthy.

Let’s start something new today.